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Doug Keszler standing in SEC awning

Douglas A. Keszler

University Distinguished Professor
Department of Chemistry

Douglas A. Keszler

University Distinguished Professor
Department of Chemistry


Our research is directed to the synthesis and study of inorganic molecules and materials that will enable next-generation electronic and energy devices. We have discovered and developed unique water-based chemistries for the deposition of very high-quality films. In the Center for Inverse Design, we use theory-guided experiments to advance the capabilities of Inverse Design and to identify new solar absorber materials for photovoltaics (PV). We emphasize the discovery and study of new materials exhibiting exceptionally high solar absorption that will enable scaling of PV to levels that allow us to effectively address the issues of climate change.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University (1984 - 85)

Ph.D., Northwestern University (1984)

B.S., Southwestern Oklahoma State University (1979)


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  • SWOSU Alumni Fellow (2005)
  • OSU Researcher of the Year Award (2003)
  • F.A. Gilfillan Award (2001)
  • T.T. Sugihara Young Faculty Research Award (1994)
  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (1990)
  • Exxon Solid-State Chemistry Award (1988)