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Petrides, Ari

Aristides Petrides-Jimenez

Department of Statistics

Aristides Petrides-Jimenez

Department of Statistics

Instructional Activities

  • ST411/511 Methods of Data Analysis (Winter 2014)
  • ST516 Foundations of Data Analytics (Fall 2013)
  • ST314 Introduction to Statistics for Engineers (Fall 2013)

Research Interest

  • Applied learning analytics and predicting models to increase students’ success.
  • Integrating Community-Based Learning projects into STEM courses. Establish community partner connections to promote students as social change agents through service learning.
  • Validation and calibration of environmental spatial models.


Ph.D. Water Resources Engineering, Oregon State University – June 2012 First Minor Field: Statistics, Second Minor Field: Science and Math Education

M.S. Biological and Ecological Engineering, Oregon State University – March 2008 Minor Field: Environmental Engineering

B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - ITESM Mexico City - May 2001


  • Groundwater Management Policy Directives, Mexico City, Mexico. UNESCO International Association of Hydrologists. IAH
  • Petrides, A., Stewart, R., Bower, R., Cuenca, R., and Wolcott, B. (2015). "Case Study: Scaling Recharge Rates from Pilot Projects of Managed Artificial Aquifer Recharge in the Walla Walla Basin, Oregon." J. Hydrol. Eng., 10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0001102 , 05014028.
  • Petrides, AC. (2013). Feasibility Analysis of Managed Artificial Aquifer Recharge and Hydrological Studies in the Walla Walla Basin to Improve River and Aquifer Conditions. Paper Number: H54A-04. American Geophysical Union (AGU). Oral Presentation Meeting of the Americas
  • Petrides, A.C. J. Huff, A. Arik, N. Van de Giesen, A. M. Kennedy, C. K. Thomas, and J.S. Selker. (2011). Shade Estimation Over Streams Using Distributed Temperature Sensing Technology. Water Resources Research, DOI:10.1029/2010WR009482
  • Bower, R., A.C. Petrides. (2009). Accounting for Groundwater in Watershed Management. Southwest Hydrology, Vol. 8 no. 2.


  • National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, Excellence Award 2023
  • Outstanding Collaboration in Community-Based Learning 2018 Portland Community College.
  • SNI Conacyt, 2016 National Researcher. (Candidato a Investigador Nacional México)
  • Edward S. Allen Endowment, 2007 Agricultural Engineering students.
  • Scholarship for Sustainability, 2006 Chambers Family Foundation.
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award, 2005 Dale E. Kirk Foundation.
  • Student Achievement Diploma, 2001 Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Tecnológico de Monterrey