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Help us thank our donors!

Many OSU scholarships are made possible by the generosity of our donors, and it is incredibly meaningful for donors to learn about the students their gifts support.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of your student records and regulates how information is utilized. Release of student records at Oregon State University is bound by the federal law (FERPA), the Oregon Revised Statutes, and by the Oregon Administrative Rules. In accordance with these laws and rules, it is necessary for Oregon State University to obtain formal consent from the student in order to release protected information to a third party, such as scholarship donors.

  1. I authorize Oregon State University to release information about my scholarship award, demographic profile, university activities, and academic program to the Oregon State University Foundation, and to the donors who support this scholarship program, for the purpose of donor and scholarship management.
  2. I authorize Oregon State University to use and distribute information to the general public about my scholarship award and academic program for the purpose of publicizing and promoting OSU; in any medium, present or future, including but not limited to print, Internet, social media networks, direct public presentations, speeches, video or audio.
  3. I understand that this authorization will remain valid until I notify Oregon State University’s Scholarship Office in writing that I am revoking this authorization.
  4. I understand that if I do not agree to these terms (by clicking “No” below), that I am still able to receive this scholarship, if eligible.

Thank you letter

FERPA Conditional
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Your message to the donor is a personal thank you to those who provided you with this scholarship. It should be addressed directly to them.
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Sometimes we feature scholarship students on our website, in newsletters to our alumni, or in promotional materials to prospective students. Please indicate whether we may use your responses and photo in this way.