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Graduate student funding, research and training

Graduate student funding, research and training

College of Science Student Travel Award

The College of Science Student Travel Fund awards $500 to graduate students in the College to encourage and support research presentations in international professional conferences. COSSTA grants are issued quarterly (February, May, August, November), although we will accept applications at any time. A departmental or grant match is required.

OSU Graduate School's list of external fellowships

The graduate school has assembled a list of national and global fellowships where students may apply directly to the granting organization or agency.

Funding opportunities and resources

Summer Research in Mathematics Program

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute's (MRSI) Summer Research in Mathematics program provides space, funding, and the opportunity for in-person collaboration to small groups of mathematicians, especially women and gender-expansive individuals, whose ongoing research may have been disproportionately affected by various obstacles including family obligations, professional isolation, or access to funding. Through this effort, the Institute aims to mitigate the obstacles faced by these groups, improve the odds of research project completion, and deepen their research experience.

The ultimate goal of this program is to enhance the mathematical sciences as a whole by positively affecting the research and careers of all of its participants and assisting their efforts to maintain involvement in the research community.

Required training

Graduate students are required to complete two online training courses. Students will have a hold placed on their transcripts if they do not complete the Sexual Assault Prevention for Adult Learners or the Creating an Inclusive Community online course.

Professional Development Award

Graduate students are invited to submit proposals for reimbursement of up to $250 for qualifying training, resources, and activities that contribute to professional skills development and that complement the degree program but are not normally available or required as a part of it. These awards are made by OSU's Graduate School.

Grad School Commons

Located on the sixth floor of the Valley Library, the Grad Commons supports student success by providing independent, collaborative and facilitated learning experiences. These experiences will help students with timely degree completion, prepare them with the collaborative skills needed for the contemporary workplace, and enhance their contributions to Oregon State’s scholarly enterprise.

Learn more about this unique space for graduate students

ONAMI Internships 2019-2020

Four internships are available for students, that are part of the ONAMI Graduate Internships in Startups program. The internships are with Energy Storage Systems, Liquid Wire, Abom and Onboard Dynamics. The ONAMI Graduate Internships are open to graduate students who are currently working with ONAMI Member Researchers, or who have completed their MS or PhD within the last year.