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Students studying in Austin Hall

Dean's List: Winter Term 2015

Nearly 700 science students make dean’s honor roll

The College of Science is pleased to announce the Dean’s Honor Roll for the 2015 Winter term. These students must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and earn a 3.5 grade point average.

Congratulations to the following science students who have received this honor. Outstanding job! We are proud of you.

Biochemistry and BiophysicsAnderson, Jordan Scott
Biochemistry and BiophysicsArizala, Austin Alexander
Biochemistry and BiophysicsBaumgart, Joshua T
Biochemistry and BiophysicsBobrovnikov, Dmitriy Gennadye
Biochemistry and BiophysicsBorchers, Matthew Ryan
Biochemistry and BiophysicsBradley, Lynda M
Biochemistry and BiophysicsBundy, Taylor Aubrey
Biochemistry and BiophysicsButler, Madison Lee
Biochemistry and BiophysicsCade, Emily Elizabeth
Biochemistry and BiophysicsCannon, Janet Lynn
Biochemistry and BiophysicsCaples, Kelsey R
Biochemistry and BiophysicsChau, Trisha Julie
Biochemistry and BiophysicsChen, Zhengyu
Biochemistry and BiophysicsChen, Zhong Bin
Biochemistry and BiophysicsCoddington, Nathan Charles
Biochemistry and BiophysicsDemessie, Ananiya Alemayehu
Biochemistry and BiophysicsFargo, Corinne Marie
Biochemistry and BiophysicsFeng, Mu
Biochemistry and BiophysicsFirsick, Evan J
Biochemistry and BiophysicsGibson, True Evan
Biochemistry and BiophysicsGoode, Zachary Hunter
Biochemistry and BiophysicsGrenz, Tanner James
Biochemistry and BiophysicsHakkila, Blake Austin
Biochemistry and BiophysicsHare, Kevin Nathaniel
Biochemistry and BiophysicsHershberger, Scott Edward
Biochemistry and BiophysicsHowell, Grant Logan
Biochemistry and BiophysicsHuegel, Jacob Thomas
Biochemistry and BiophysicsHuntington, Hannah Taylor
Biochemistry and BiophysicsHuss, Christiana Mercedes
Biochemistry and BiophysicsJujjuri, Anantha Poojitha
Biochemistry and BiophysicsKahler-Quesada, Arianna Maria
Biochemistry and BiophysicsKensey, Joseph Hunter
Biochemistry and BiophysicsKhan, Lubna
Biochemistry and BiophysicsKim, Joseph Yoo Jong
Biochemistry and BiophysicsKong, Garth L
Biochemistry and BiophysicsLe, Mai N
Biochemistry and BiophysicsLin, Lisa
Biochemistry and BiophysicsLy, Laikana Mardie
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMartinsen, Bret A
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMazzola, Jacob William
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMcKinnon, Sean Duncan
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMiller, Bronwyn Cass
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMoody, Christina Michele
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMueller, Monica Jean
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMurphy, Alexis Erin
Biochemistry and BiophysicsMyers, Logan James
Biochemistry and BiophysicsPark, Youngmin
Biochemistry and BiophysicsReyes, Roselynn Grace
Biochemistry and BiophysicsReynolds-Lallem, Nadjalisse Claire
Biochemistry and BiophysicsRouches, Mason Nesmith
Biochemistry and BiophysicsRouches, Miles Vaughan
Biochemistry and BiophysicsSato, William Joseph
Biochemistry and BiophysicsSchulden, Stephanie Lynn
Biochemistry and BiophysicsStencel, Nathan Wallace Lee
Biochemistry and BiophysicsStevens, Danielle Marie
Biochemistry and BiophysicsStoumbos, Demetri Zachary
Biochemistry and BiophysicsSugiyama, Aaron M
Biochemistry and BiophysicsSwanson, Holly Olivia
Biochemistry and BiophysicsTan, Michelle
Biochemistry and BiophysicsTran, Thinh Thien
Biochemistry and BiophysicsTran, Victor M
Biochemistry and BiophysicsWells, Kaitlyn Nicole
Biochemistry and BiophysicsWolfenden, Nurhayati
BioHealth SciencesAalberg, Zachary James
BioHealth SciencesAbdelrasul, Amjad Hasan
BioHealth SciencesAhn, Nicholas Prescott
BioHealth SciencesAlbrecht, Brian Charles
BioHealth SciencesAlhadeff, Megan Emily
BioHealth SciencesAllred, Newton Bradley
BioHealth SciencesAnderson, Maegan Mae
BioHealth SciencesAu, Timothy Kah-Kit
BioHealth SciencesBaek, Minjung
BioHealth SciencesBales, Kelly Ann
BioHealth SciencesBarauskas, Natasha Marie
BioHealth SciencesBarrera, Mayra Leticia
BioHealth SciencesBassett, Brittany Dawn
BioHealth SciencesBean, Madison Elizabeth
BioHealth SciencesBessette, Hannah Carolyn
BioHealth SciencesBlouin, Nathanielle Louise
BioHealth SciencesBochsler, Joseph Martin
BioHealth SciencesBonner, Kaitlyn Nicole
BioHealth SciencesBowlby, Angela Ruth
BioHealth SciencesBrady, Madison R
BioHealth SciencesBramlett, Jessica Anne
BioHealth SciencesBrecheisen, Anna Gabrielle
BioHealth SciencesBrown, Caroline Elizabeth
BioHealth SciencesBrown, Erica Bishop
BioHealth SciencesBui, Tina N
BioHealth SciencesBurkhardt, Kali Marie
BioHealth SciencesCadieux, Monique Margaret
BioHealth SciencesCant, Samantha Kay
BioHealth SciencesCarter, Kaitlyn Joyce-Ann
BioHealth SciencesChan, Jenny M
BioHealth SciencesChan, Stephanie Kuan
BioHealth SciencesChen, Qiping M
BioHealth SciencesCheung, Yi Ling Dorcas
BioHealth SciencesChew, Vanesse
BioHealth SciencesChiellini, Serena Dawn
BioHealth SciencesClark, Chelsea Kate
BioHealth SciencesCowden, Brett Christopher
BioHealth SciencesCronan, Natalie Ann
BioHealth SciencesCurtis, Devin Sebastian
BioHealth SciencesDang, Ruby Thuy
BioHealth SciencesDao, Hai
BioHealth SciencesDestine, Karina Nguyen
BioHealth SciencesDrummond, Miriam M
BioHealth SciencesDuong, Hoang Mai
BioHealth SciencesDuquette, Madeleine Camille
BioHealth SciencesElder, Shelby May
BioHealth SciencesEllson, Taylor Austin
BioHealth SciencesFaria, Christian Kauanoe
BioHealth SciencesFrasher-Slavin, Arielle Kathleen-Terra
BioHealth SciencesFrasieur, Katlynn Dianne
BioHealth SciencesGalles, Emily Ann
BioHealth SciencesGalligan, Shazeya L
BioHealth SciencesGates, Nicholas C
BioHealth SciencesGill, Marissa F
BioHealth SciencesGoktay, Sevda
BioHealth SciencesGoodell, Anne M
BioHealth SciencesHenery, Kendall Eileen
BioHealth SciencesHinds, Natalie Alisha
BioHealth SciencesHite, Danielle Rene
BioHealth SciencesHo, Trang
BioHealth SciencesHoang, Kelli Huyen Thao
BioHealth SciencesHoleman, Megan Marie
BioHealth SciencesHuey, Emilee Kristina
BioHealth SciencesHuynh, Daniel The
BioHealth SciencesHuynh, Khanh Quoc
BioHealth SciencesHuynh, Linda N
BioHealth SciencesIronside, Emily Megan
BioHealth SciencesIverson, Rhett Thomas
BioHealth SciencesJamus, Joseph Omar
BioHealth SciencesJanssen, Katherine Elizabeth
BioHealth SciencesJelnick, Jeralyn Marie
BioHealth SciencesKazerouni, Neda Jane
BioHealth SciencesKealoha, Shaianne Anuhea Hepomaika'i'iamaikeAkua
BioHealth SciencesKhamsouthavong, Megan M
BioHealth SciencesKim, Jennifer Jin Hee
BioHealth SciencesKim, Junsik
BioHealth SciencesKim, Ryan
BioHealth SciencesKirse, Paul Martin
BioHealth SciencesKronsberg, Kelli Ann
BioHealth SciencesLandreville, Austin Jay
BioHealth SciencesLaw, Christina Marie
BioHealth SciencesLe, Peter Toan
BioHealth SciencesLe, Ronald Duy
BioHealth SciencesLee, Christopher J
BioHealth SciencesLei, Melissa C
BioHealth SciencesLi, Joe Kenneth Jun Wei
BioHealth SciencesLim, Soo Hyang
BioHealth SciencesLiu, Mandy
BioHealth SciencesLuo, Shi Li
BioHealth SciencesLuu, Kourtney L
BioHealth SciencesLy, Yennhi Bui
BioHealth SciencesMa, Tiffany
BioHealth SciencesMah-Park, Lisa U
BioHealth SciencesMalik, Natasha Mona
BioHealth SciencesMarquez, Monica Guadalupe
BioHealth SciencesMazeski, Zachary James
BioHealth SciencesMc Leod, Riley Megan
BioHealth SciencesMccabe, Kassandra Louise
BioHealth SciencesMcClaran, Lydia Katherine
BioHealth SciencesMccollough, Liam S
BioHealth SciencesMcewen, Megan Kao
BioHealth SciencesMcKinney, Brielle Louise
BioHealth SciencesMcVay, Chelsea Kae
BioHealth SciencesMerriam, Frances Joy
BioHealth SciencesMeyer, Malia Chui Lan
BioHealth SciencesMiller, Haley M
BioHealth SciencesMorhain, Shannon Danette
BioHealth SciencesNagra, Alamjit Kaur
BioHealth SciencesNeal, Conner S
BioHealth SciencesNguyen, Allen Quoc
BioHealth SciencesNguyen, Henry Cong
BioHealth SciencesNguyen, Nicholas Tai Tri
BioHealth SciencesNguyen, Yen T
BioHealth SciencesNunez, Vanessa
BioHealth SciencesOlson, Samantha Grace
BioHealth SciencesOrth, Robert J
BioHealth SciencesOuanesisouk, Michael Mike
BioHealth SciencesPedersen, Megan Marie
BioHealth SciencesPeebles, Marcella M
BioHealth SciencesPerez, Enrique
BioHealth SciencesPhillips, Holly Nicole
BioHealth SciencesPowell, Jenny Lee
BioHealth SciencesRabe, Haleigh Marie
BioHealth SciencesRaines, Samantha K
BioHealth SciencesRandall, Zachary Dean
BioHealth SciencesRedwine-Hixson, Emma Holly
BioHealth SciencesRemley, Michaela Michelle
BioHealth SciencesRitter, Anastasia L
BioHealth SciencesRobichaud, Lia R
BioHealth SciencesRochon, Jacob Louis
BioHealth SciencesRodecap, Rachel M
BioHealth SciencesRoemelt, Taylor Jordan
BioHealth SciencesRogers, Henry James
BioHealth SciencesRomaine, Brandon Scott
BioHealth SciencesRowland, Katherine Jane
BioHealth SciencesScarlata, Jessica Alexandra
BioHealth SciencesSchwam, Anna Ruth
BioHealth SciencesSeal, Tanner Hobie
BioHealth SciencesShields, Mason Kristofer
BioHealth SciencesSoderberg, Charlotte Ann
BioHealth SciencesSommer, Grant Philip
BioHealth SciencesStichter, Taylor Jay
BioHealth SciencesStone, Miranda Renae
BioHealth SciencesSturm, Brently Charles
BioHealth SciencesTran, Alex Quang
BioHealth SciencesTran, Kim Ann
BioHealth SciencesTraylor, Emily Jane
BioHealth SciencesTruong, Christina
BioHealth SciencesTurner, Charles
BioHealth SciencesTynes, Tiana N
BioHealth SciencesVan Volkenburg, Lexa Angela
BioHealth SciencesVo, Annie
BioHealth SciencesVo, Chau Minh
BioHealth SciencesVu, Van Anh
BioHealth SciencesWagner, Christian Micaiah
BioHealth SciencesWatkins, Ann Julie
BioHealth SciencesWhite, John Patrick
BioHealth SciencesWilson, Cheryl Hufford
BioHealth SciencesWojahn, Brian Daniel
BioHealth SciencesWoodwick, Kyla Alyse
BioHealth SciencesWrege, Cate Zara
BioHealth SciencesWu, Wen C
BioHealth SciencesYang, Bona
BioHealth SciencesYip, Salena
BiologyAlegria, Emmanuel A
BiologyAllen, Caitlin Colleen
BiologyAmatisto, Alexis Marie
BiologyAnand, Sonal
BiologyAndrews, Natashia Jade
BiologyArceneaux, Brooke Crystalyn
BiologyBajracharya, Yashaswi
BiologyBaker, Hannah V
BiologyBaley, Trevor Dean
BiologyBanskota, Swechya
BiologyBarnes, Taylor John
BiologyBelveal, Jennifer Lynn
BiologyBenson, Carl Henry
BiologyBingham, Julia A
BiologyBird, Kayla Kristen
BiologyBonar, James Henry
BiologyBonar, Tara Nicole
BiologyBonar, Thomas Larance
BiologyBortvedt, Amy Elizabeth
BiologyBothwell, Bryce Anthony
BiologyBraun, Trevin John
BiologyBrink, Madison Taylor
BiologyBritsch, Melissa Linn
BiologyBrooke, Benjamin Tyler
BiologyBrown, Amanda J
BiologyBui, Christina
BiologyBurns, Grant Christian
BiologyButler, Demitria E
BiologyCameron, Alex N
BiologyCarlson, Dayna Michelle
BiologyCarreon, Michael Ray
BiologyCash, Mikayla Emelia
BiologyCeballos, Brian
BiologyChamberlain, Marlee Kathleen
BiologyChan, Chelsea Taylor
BiologyChen, Lily
BiologyCheng, Chen
BiologyChu, Jeremy J
BiologyClair, Ellis Chandler
BiologyColeman, Natalie Brooke
BiologyColeman, Tyler John
BiologyCollins, Karin Lilly
BiologyCollins, Tyler Jeffrey
BiologyCombs, Natalie Pearl
BiologyConnell, Savannah Dionne
BiologyCook, Samuel Annibale
BiologyCorey, Kevin Ryan
BiologyCorvi, Elizabeth Renee
BiologyCruse, Casey Elizabeth
BiologyDaeschel, Devin Zachary
BiologyDavid, Aaron Joseph
BiologyDemaree, Adrienne Elise
BiologyDestine, Brian Nguyen
BiologyDeyoe, Ryne Maddox
BiologyDeYoung, Michael Quinn
BiologyDietel, Josie C
BiologyDinh, Theresa Nguyen
BiologyDishion, Evan Lee
BiologyDoody, Luc John
BiologyDorr, Brianna Leigh
BiologyDoverspike, Thomas Howard
BiologyDowdy, Hannah Michelle
BiologyDuDash, Alexis Dawn
BiologyEdlund, Reid Bray
BiologyElliott, Leah Nicole
BiologyEreman, Cassandra
BiologyEskridge, Katherine Marie
BiologyEwens, Elise Nicole
BiologyFalke, Landon Paul
BiologyFan, Katherine Frances Ruth
BiologyFarr, Kevin Russell
BiologyFast, Matthew Stephen
BiologyFaszer, Dwight Dennis
BiologyFessler, Jennifer Lou
BiologyFlowers, Monica Ellen
BiologyFord, Anthony Benjamin
BiologyGibbon, Rebecca Ann
BiologyGill, Brett Robert
BiologyGipple, Mackenzie O'niel
BiologyGlossop, Jessica Anita Marie
BiologyGonzalez, Xavier
BiologyGore, Kelly Elizabeth
BiologyGraber, Levi Jonathon
BiologyGray, Kaylin
BiologyGuise, Rebecca Eleanor
BiologyHamilton, Elizabeth Frances
BiologyHampton-Wonder, Kathryn Anne
BiologyHarris, Paige Marie
BiologyHart, Alexander Aaron
BiologyHayes, Lauren Michelle
BiologyHeher, Ashley Rose
BiologyHenry, Samantha Leann
BiologyHesse, Aleah Danielle Marie
BiologyHester, Samuel E
BiologyHilger, Amy Nicole
BiologyHill, Taylor Ryann
BiologyHoller, Devon James
BiologyHollman, Alydia Kristen
BiologyHood, Cassandra Deleen
BiologyHouf, Geoffrey Thomas
BiologyHuglen, Emma Celeste
BiologyJohnson, Emily Rosemarie
BiologyJohnson, Matthew Wallace
BiologyJohnson, Megan Elisa
BiologyJohnson, Stephanie R
BiologyJones, Elisabeth H.M
BiologyJones, Kecia
BiologyJoseph, Jayanthi Joanna
BiologyJustiniano, Jacklyn Evan
BiologyKayhani, Kamron Lee
BiologyKershner, Alexandria C
BiologyKiefel, Claire Antoinette
BiologyKieffer, Alanna Gay
BiologyKim, Matthew Thomas-Chun
BiologyKim, Rachel Haesu
BiologyKishaba, Kameron Tomoya
BiologyKonkel, Zachary Martin
BiologyKriz, Delany Yan
BiologyLabate, Gina-Marie
BiologyLam, Phillip Westly
BiologyLam, Richard
BiologyLe, Christie Nguyen
BiologyLebon, Kaitlin Marie
BiologyLee, Sang J
BiologyLi, Kevin Cheng
BiologyLux, Jerome John
BiologyMadison, David Bayly
BiologyMata-Marquez, Frida Conseulo
BiologyMc Fadden, Alexander Parr
BiologyMcElheran, Kylie Shea
BiologyMeans, Sophie Amelia
BiologyMedellin, Cassidy Carine
BiologyMeier, William Barton
BiologyMessenger, Keith Robert
BiologyMillwood, Murdock Aaron
BiologyMiyasako, Emily A
BiologyMoen, Celeste Elisabeth
BiologyMoghaddampour, Parisah
BiologyMorrison, Amanda Rae
BiologyMorrison, Erin Elizabeth
BiologyMoussaoui, Ibrahim
BiologyNgo, Catherine Minh
BiologyNguyen, Tracy Hang
BiologyOlsen, Molly Ann
BiologyOrton, Joseph Paul
BiologyOsborne, Kody Quentin
BiologyOshri, Chen
BiologyOsowski, Emma Helene Rose
BiologyOstertag-Hill, Claire Alexand
BiologyPark, Eugene Austin
BiologyPaternostro, Kevin Alan
BiologyPatrick Jr, Nicholas Jones
BiologyPech, Anthony S
BiologyPekson, Angeline Abuan
BiologyPeterschmidt, Aaron
BiologyPeterson, Anna Louise
BiologyPetshow, Samuel James
BiologyPetty, Lyndi-Rae Elisabeth
BiologyPham, Caroline B
BiologyPlunk, Melanie Rae
BiologyPollock, Jennifer Lynne
BiologyPowell, Ryan Daniel
BiologyPrakash, Haripriya
BiologyPrakash, Himanshu
BiologyReeves, Sam Austin
BiologyRetzlaff, Tristan Marie
BiologyReyes, Yuridia
BiologyReynolds, Emily Renee
BiologyRice, Andrew
BiologyRomaine, Andrew Scott
BiologyRoshak, Anna Christine
BiologyRusso, Hannah M
BiologySaradi, Kais Abdul
BiologySather, Bergen Kelly
BiologyScadden, Kristina Joy
BiologySchimke, Samuel Adam
BiologySchoderbek, Mary Hadley
BiologyScully, Kelsey Suzanne
BiologySheble, Taylor Nicole
BiologyShepard, Isaac Daniel
BiologySherman, Sarah Marie
BiologySkyberg, Kyle C
BiologySmith, Lyshuand Ransanz
BiologySmith, Mckinley Skye
BiologySpangler, Sarah Elizabeth
BiologySpearing, Benjamin Nathan
BiologyStanley, Emma Louise
BiologyStaropoli, Matthew Thomas
BiologyStewart, Shelby Lynn
BiologyStilwell, Chelsea Rae
BiologyStites, Marianne Yoder
BiologyStubbs, Benjamin Brian
BiologySutherland, William David
BiologySwanson, Emily Anne
BiologySweetkind, Reid S
BiologyTep, Amanda Catherine
BiologyTodd, Ryan Jacob
BiologyTon, Alex That
BiologyTran, Kien Vuong Minh
BiologyTrzil, Mackenzie Bee
BiologyTse, Brittany Mei
BiologyVaca, Beatriz A
BiologyVakulchik, Dmitriy V
BiologyValentine, Jordan Emalee
BiologyVan Volkenburg, Haley C
BiologyVasa, Alison Hope
BiologyWaianuhea, Lorraine Kamamoali
BiologyWalker, Willow Brooke
BiologyWang, Yu
BiologyWeeden, Cicely
BiologyWestlake, Rebecca Lynn
BiologyWilliams, Leanna Meagan
BiologyWilson, Allyssa Lynn
BiologyWood, Daniel Phillip
BiologyWright, Jaime M
BiologyZhao, Stephanie Anne
BiologyZivanovic, Mario
ChemistryAlbrecht, Amy Margaret
ChemistryAngle, Austin Lee
ChemistryAponso, Savinda
ChemistryBrucks, Corinne Nicole
ChemistryChen, Kathryn P
ChemistryChitwood, Abigail
ChemistryCobb, Tora Jean
ChemistryCoporan, Sergiu Alexandru
ChemistryCovey, Lauren Anne
ChemistryDavis, Lissa Anne
ChemistryDel Savio, Jacob
ChemistryDelgado, Mark Daniel P
ChemistryDomen, Andrea T
ChemistryDowney, Gillian Marie
ChemistryDuong, Amanda TJ
ChemistryDurfee, Brandice Wray
ChemistryErickson, Blake Alexander
ChemistryFocht, Darlene Marie
ChemistryFong, Eaton C
ChemistryHergert, John Elliott
ChemistryHinds Cook, Althea Marie
ChemistryJolley, Maria Melkova
ChemistryKim, Joeun Song
ChemistryKinser, Reid Willis
ChemistryKlaus, Laura Christine
ChemistryLew, Cassandra Irene
ChemistryLiu-May, Rachel
ChemistryMalone, Alexandra Janice
ChemistryMarzi, Chiara L
ChemistryNguyen, Dang Alvin
ChemistryOldfield, Mathew Aaron
ChemistryPalmiter, James Stuart
ChemistryPham, Thu M
ChemistryPotter, Kristin Cassidy
ChemistryPrater, Philip
ChemistryPutnam, Rex R
ChemistryRaleigh, Nathan Drew
ChemistryRuark, Collin Ian Edward
ChemistrySamhan, Ashraf Sami
ChemistrySandwisch, Jason William
ChemistrySchacher, Aimee Rose
ChemistryShear, Trevor Allan
ChemistryStout, Kenneth Tucker
ChemistryToporkova, Yekaterina Fedorov
ChemistryTurner, Jake Drayton
ChemistryWalker, Mesa Eileen
ChemistryYu, Yan Wen
ChemistryZhang, Tianqi
ChemistryZuk, Alexander Michael
MathematicsAlexander, Danielle Taylor
MathematicsAsay, Benjamin James
MathematicsBarry, Samantha Elizabeth
MathematicsBowen, Joel Donald
MathematicsBuckmaster, David Edwin
MathematicsCartmell, Conrad Wimber
MathematicsCuster, Andrew Kelley
MathematicsFenton, Jay Louis
MathematicsFlynn, Patrick Thomas
MathematicsGebhart, Cady V
MathematicsGoode, Ian Kellogg
MathematicsGreen, Daniel James
MathematicsGunderson, Lars Dylan
MathematicsHodges, Daniel Charles
MathematicsHoover, Trey Joseph
MathematicsHuynh, Hannah Xuan
MathematicsJim, Candace J
MathematicsKillgore, Peter Lloyd
MathematicsKoike, Seiji Glenn
MathematicsLiu, Jiaqi
MathematicsLopez, Michael
MathematicsLowell, Michael Thomas
MathematicsMain, Brittney Rose
MathematicsMendoza, Alejandra
MathematicsMottet, Clarice Marie
MathematicsNickel, Amber Rose
MathematicsNickerson, Kevin Charles
MathematicsNishitomi, Kori Kim Harumi
MathematicsNuss, Alyssa Nicole
MathematicsOlds, Elisa Susan
MathematicsPark, Corynna Alexsay
MathematicsRagsdale, Alina Michelle
MathematicsRominger, Bryant Thomas
MathematicsRunning, Carson Leigh
MathematicsSechrist, Josephine Atsuko
MathematicsShields, Taylor L
MathematicsSimmons, Kelsey Marie
MathematicsSmith, Caleb A
MathematicsSmith, Natalie Ann
MathematicsStalter, Brooke Elizabeth
MathematicsStevens, Katherine Leigh
MathematicsThune, Saxon William
MathematicsWomack, Finn Erin
MathematicsWong, Celeste Michele
MicrobiologyAlford, Savannah R
MicrobiologyArmstrong, Elyssa Lee
MicrobiologyArozamena, Dea Maria
MicrobiologyBarrett, Damien
MicrobiologyBatish, Tanvi
MicrobiologyBecker, Alyssa Leilani
MicrobiologyBennett, Rhett Wilder
MicrobiologyBest, Scott Ryan
MicrobiologyBonney, Alexandra Joy
MicrobiologyBooth, Georgeann Christina
MicrobiologyCargile, Cameron Scott
MicrobiologyChang, Irena
MicrobiologyChen, Sammi
MicrobiologyChen, Sydnie Justine
MicrobiologyChoi, Jei
MicrobiologyChow, Justin K
MicrobiologyCo, Anna Lam
MicrobiologyDenney, Crystal Rose
MicrobiologyDonovan, Lauren Kareen
MicrobiologyDring, Brandon Lee
MicrobiologyDuong, Dang Minh
MicrobiologyDuong, Tony
MicrobiologyFoss, Jason Matthew
MicrobiologyFoster, Amelia Elizabeth
MicrobiologyFritz, Eric J
MicrobiologyGeorge, Victoria Faith Marie
MicrobiologyGerstner, Grant E
MicrobiologyGienger, Hannah Louise
MicrobiologyGlover, Rochelle Christine
MicrobiologyGodil, Jamila
MicrobiologyGuzman, Melinda
MicrobiologyHarris, John William
MicrobiologyHelman, Talia Avigail
MicrobiologyHerbison, Maria Margret
MicrobiologyHergenrader, Vance
MicrobiologyHoffart, Evan Patrick
MicrobiologyHubbs, Steven Lee
MicrobiologyJensen, Michael
MicrobiologyJong, Anita Marla
MicrobiologyKhan, Emaan Munir
MicrobiologyKisler, Spencer H D
MicrobiologyKramer, Olivia Elaine
MicrobiologyLawrence, Emily Joanne
MicrobiologyLee, James Chang
MicrobiologyLee, Sonya S
MicrobiologyLeon, Natalie
MicrobiologyMasuo, Kaylynne Anne
MicrobiologyMessmer, Madison Mae
MicrobiologyMeza-Turner, Britney Marlene
MicrobiologyMills, Robert Hardie
MicrobiologyMiyashiro, Caitlin Kimie
MicrobiologyMolitor, Andrew Allen
MicrobiologyMoore, Claire Elizabeth
MicrobiologyMortier, Brianna Faith
MicrobiologyNguyen, Michelle Marie
MicrobiologyOgnjenovic, Sanja
MicrobiologyPalioca, Ethan Andrew
MicrobiologyPayne, Rachel V
MicrobiologyPenghsiung, Vickie
MicrobiologyPham, Andrew
MicrobiologyQuiner, Kirsten Jean
MicrobiologyRaslan, Abdul Kareem
MicrobiologyRyman, Joshua Tyler
MicrobiologyRyner, Rachael Francesca
MicrobiologySeim, Darian Taylor
MicrobiologySeshadri, Rishi Sharma
MicrobiologySingh, Amandip
MicrobiologyStensrud, Brandon Curtis
MicrobiologyStiegler, Ryan Robert
MicrobiologySymons, Ty Daniel
MicrobiologyTran, Jessica G
MicrobiologyTucker, Brennen Richard
MicrobiologyTullsen, Rachel Y
MicrobiologyValiant, William Gordon
MicrobiologyVieru, Christina Valerie
MicrobiologyWagner, Nathan William
MicrobiologyWalsh, Benjamin J
MicrobiologyWeinman, Marcus Andrew
MicrobiologyWeligodapola, Chethiya
MicrobiologyWick, Brandon
MicrobiologyWojahn, John Michael
MicrobiologyYuan, Mai-Yee H
MicrobiologyZamora, Cesar Gabriel
MicrobiologyZhao, Wiley
MicrobiologyZiaie, Navid Rodd
PhysicsBaldwin, John Andrew
PhysicsBall, Matthew Steven
PhysicsBanowetz, Katherine Josephine
PhysicsBermudez, Claudine J
PhysicsBice, Connor Patrick
PhysicsBonner, L Roy
PhysicsBrandner, Bret Alexander
PhysicsBrandt, Gregory Mirek
PhysicsBusche, Jacob Anthony
PhysicsCabrera, Keenan Matthew
PhysicsCalvillo, Olivia Lorena
PhysicsCapek, Elliott L
PhysicsCayton, Jared L
PhysicsGrimm, Samuel Peter
PhysicsGroberg, Kaylen Garcia
PhysicsHanson, Jesse Christopher
PhysicsKowash, Samuel Joseph
PhysicsMangan, Tymothy Keanan
PhysicsMcLain, Samuel Thomas
PhysicsMerkel, Abigail Hannah
PhysicsNowak, Gabriel Matthew
PhysicsOcel, Duncan Reed
PhysicsRandolph, Joshua Jack
PhysicsRath, Jeremy J
PhysicsSenger, Mitchell John
PhysicsStevens, Gregory Hunter
PhysicsTeklu, Abraham Meles
PhysicsVomocil, Bradley Alan
ZoologyBohrer, Ellie Renee
ZoologyBrandon, Kristin Rae
ZoologyCarter, Kendra Dawn
ZoologyCastle, Kayla Marie
ZoologyCheng, Lok Yung
ZoologyChou, Marley Alexis
ZoologyCohen, Christopher Michael
ZoologyCrowder, Kjerstine Karianna
ZoologyDeskovick, Mitchell Wade
ZoologyEckhart, Chelsea Mae
ZoologyErwin, Samantha Rose
ZoologyFerguson, Lindsey Grace
ZoologyFrank, Cameron Augustine
ZoologyGeist, Annabella Madeleine
ZoologyGentle, Lauren Nicole
ZoologyHaven, Katlyn
ZoologyHawkins, Jennifer Marie
ZoologyHiebel, Katrina Ann
ZoologyHummell, Payton Marie
ZoologyJohnson, Cameron James
ZoologyJones, Jessica Marie
ZoologyKelly, Mikayla Marie
ZoologyKlein, John Evan
ZoologyKohan, Shadee
ZoologyKwok, Ethiene S
ZoologyLaws, Susannah Joy
ZoologyLeon, Sarah Louise
ZoologyLorenz, Olivia Ann
ZoologyLow, Katherine Elizabeth
ZoologyMaher, Ian Michael
ZoologyMatthews, Kinsey Evelyn
ZoologyMcward, Megan Elizabeth
ZoologyMcWhorter, Madeline Raye
ZoologyMiller, Jamie Elizabeth
ZoologyNye, Katie
ZoologyOwens, Rhys William
ZoologyRegan, Bridget Helen
ZoologyRoberson, Bobby Craig
ZoologyRudie, Katherine Alyssa
ZoologySmith, Mackenzie Allan
ZoologySoohoo-Hui, Alexander E
ZoologyStudier, Alec Joesph
ZoologyTippman, Brielle Marie

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