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Walter Loveland receiving award on stage with two men on stage

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Walter Loveland receiving The Glenn T. Seaborg Award for Nuclear Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry Walter Loveland receives American Chemistry Society’s top honor: 2014 Glenn T. Seaborg Award for Nuclear Chemistry

Walter Loveland presented a symposium at the 247th American Chemistry Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition which was a retrospective on large-scale nuclear collective motion.

The Glenn T. Seaborg Award for Nuclear Chemistry recognizes and encourages research in nuclear and radiochemistry or their applications. The recipient receives a stipend of $5,000 and a certificate. Loveland was honored for his pioneering work on the use of radioactive beams for producing neutron-rich nuclei and his investigations of heavy residues in nuclear reactions.

In 1990, Loveland co-authored The Elements Beyond Uranium, with Nobel Laureate and nuclear chemistry pioneer Glenn Seaborg. Fittingly, the textbook was published on the 50th anniversary of the discovery of transuranium.

Loveland has spent his career studying large-scale nuclear collective motion, through observations of heavy ion fusion, other ways of preparing hot heavy nuclei and studies of the fission process. Through his work as a chemist at a reactor lab, Loveland used activation analysis to study meteorites, particulate air pollution and stable activable tracers.

The nuclear chemist has received national recognition for his achievements and research by the Sigma Xi, the American Physical Society and others. He has had a significant impact on nuclear chemistry education through The Living Textbook of Nuclear Chemistry and as coauthor of the Modern Nuclear Chemistry. He also served as chair of the ACS’s Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (NUCL) in 2002 and in other leadership capacities from 1988-1990.