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Take charge of your career development

Take charge of your career development

Opening the door to internships and careers

Resources, guidance and training to help you gain professional experience and crucial communication skills that are highly valued by employers. Career Development will actively assist students with gaining competence in networking, professionalism, and leadership skills necessary for success in a competitive, global workforce.

The process of paving your way to pursue a meaningful career is called career development. This process is outside of your classroom and will take you some time.

You will learn to identify what a meaningful work means to you, to explore career options, to connect with professionals who work in those fields early, to engage in hands-on experience, such as internship, research, volunteer and other opportunities, and to polish your job search tools.

These resources are provided in two settings: in one-on-one appointments with Rachel Palmer, Assistant Director of Career Development ( and walk-ins and in group setting through events, workshops and boot camps.

Networking events, career workshops, professional training bootcamps

From connecting with employers in premier industries and research labs to writing résumés and preparing for interviews, Career Development will partner with you every step of the way.

Get the top skills you need to land an internship or research experience. A three-term, three-credit program to help you identify, assess and compete for an internship or lab research position that can accelerate your academic and professional goals. Open to all undergraduates in good academic standing with sophomore or higher standing.

Science Pro

Every year, the College of Science hosts Science Pro to help students explore career paths and start building their professional network. Science Pro is an innovative career program to encourage students to explore career options, hone their professional skills and build, develop their professional networks by connecting with alumni, employers and industry. It's all about making career connections.


A mobile-first career-networking platform where you can create an account and register for events; search for jobs and internships across the country; and get personalized recommendations for opportunities based on your preferences.