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Fight climate change. We do it every day. 

Protecting our warming oceans. Exploring new frontiers in clean energy. Making discoveries that inspire action and instigate policy change. These are the challenges that keep us up at night. Our commitment to a better future empowers us to be leaders in climate initiatives and to persist where others have stopped trying. Together, we can set the bar higher. Make a difference from day one. 

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Marine science program


of 40 universities to receive Tier 1 research activity


in research funding


Top 1.5% of public research universities in the world

Sonora Meiling measures ocean creatures on the Oregon Coast

Sonora Meiling chose Oregon State's strong marine science program, which includes hands-on classes at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. She worked in 3 different marine research labs — even traveling to French Polynesia with Distinguished Professor Rebecca Vega Thurber to investigate the impacts of coral bleaching. That research experience helped her land a career as a marine disease specialist.

“I want to do something that gets me out in the water, for sure, doing research that will help us save the ocean. Educating the public about climate change and its impact on ocean ecosystems is very important to me.”

No matter your major, you can make a difference

Our faculty and students are working on real-world solutions to address the changing climate, from protecting our coral reefs to developing new clean energy sources. Whether you study biology, chemistry, math or physics, you can help create a more sustainable future.

Here’s what sets Science at Oregon State apart:

  • More opportunities to do undergraduate research alongside faculty mentors. OSU receives more research funding than any other Oregon university.
  • Oregon’s only land grant university. Founded to serve the people. Still true today.
  • Staying at the forefront of innovative teaching methods to help you succeed in science.
  • 5 science tutoring centers and 7 campus cultural centers to support your academic and personal growth.
  • Stellar academic advising. Get in depth guidance from day one to prepare you for your career.
  • Outstanding pre-health career preparation. Our medical school acceptance rate consistently exceeds the national average.

Taking steps toward a better tomorrow

Leadership by Oregon State helps 14 nations commit to sustainable ocean management by 2025

Leaders of 14 major maritime nations announced their commitment to achieve 100% sustainable ocean management of their national waters by 2025, acting on recommendations of a group of global experts co-chaired by OSU marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco.

Chemist makes key advance toward production of important biofuel

An international research collaboration, led by Kyriakos Stylianou, an assistant professor of chemistry at Oregon State University, has taken an important step toward the commercially viable manufacture of biobutanol, an alcohol whose strong potential as a fuel for gasoline-powered engines could pave the path away from fossil fuels. The researchers are now looking to partner with industry to try to scale up the separation method using the new metal organic framework, says Stylianou, the study’s corresponding author. If it scales well, it could be an important milestone on the road toward non-reliance on fossil fuels.

Scientists awarded grant to investigate how microbiomes can help species withstand climate change

A pivotal National Science Foundation award will enable Oregon State scientists to investigate how microbes influence their wildlife host’s sensitivity and resilience to disruptive changes in the natural environment.

Sea star listed as critically endangered following research by OSU marine ecologist

The iconic sunflower sea star has been listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature following a groundbreaking population study led by Oregon State University and The Nature Conservancy.