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Welcome, next gen scientists!

Welcome, next gen scientists!

Science student sitting in the lab

Welcome to Team Science! We are so pleased that you are here — and excited that you are joining in the quest to build a better world through scientific discovery.

This is the beginning of an exciting life change for you, and we want to help throughout your journey.

Below, you will find information to help make your transition into the College of Science a great one. If you can't find what you need, we are here as a resource and support network for you. Please feel free to reach out to any of us in the Dean’s Office — we are happy to offer you our assistance, advice and support.

Ignite your potential

The purpose of studying science in our College is not only to get a degree, but to get an education that prepares you for the life you want to lead. That’s why it’s important that you take your education beyond the classroom by seizing opportunities to apply your knowledge by getting involved in clubs, internships, and leadership-building opportunities.

  • For starters, visit the Science Success Center and be inspired about your future in science. Take advantage of our academic advising, career development resources and programming, and opportunities to take learning beyond the classroom.
  • Find opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences to develop critical and creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, teamwork and communication skills.
  • Explore science student clubs and organizations that open doors to opportunities that help you develop into a next gen scientist, leader and active citizen — and, of course, help you prepare for a job you will love.

We understand that every student approaches the learning process differently. We also believe that every student can succeed when they're offered resources to support their goals. That’s why we encourage you to take full advantage of the Student Resources available to help you lead a well-balanced, healthy life — and make your academic journey as rewarding as possible.

You are in great company, Class of 2023

Who are our newest Beavs? You are a diverse group of individuals who comprise 890 first-year students, including 161 transfer students. About a quarter of the 2023 class comprises first-generation students, and 18 percent are underrepresented minorities. Approximately two-thirds of you identify as women, and one-third as men.

Every year new members bring new diversity to our College community. And we celebrate it.

Overall, 86% of our incoming first-year students this year are studying in the life sciences, which include biology, biohealth sciences, biochemistry and molecular biology, zoology, biochemistry and biophysics and microbiology.

Here is the breakdown of majors for your class:

  • 295 biology majors
  • 245 biohealth sciences majors
  • 104 biochemistry & molecular biology majors
  • 72 zoology majors
  • 55 mathematics majors
  • 44 chemistry majors
  • 27 physics majors
  • 26 biochemistry and biophysics majors
  • 22 microbiology majors

Keep exploring

You have joined a science community with a vision to support the dreams of future scientists. One where your peers support and encourage you to pursue your best path forward. One where professors encourage you to engage deeply in science and to apply your knowledge beyond the classroom. One where resources are available across campus to make sure you’re ready for every possible future.

Let’s make a difference in the world. Start here. Go Anywhere.