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Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Elise Marie Van Fossen working with lab equipment

Graduate students

Find the resources you need here to succeed in your graduate science education. Haven’t applied yet? Visit the Graduate School's admissions webpage to explore programs at OSU and learn more about the application process.

If you are already enrolled, the Graduate School’s Current Students webpage describes the path to graduation. Visit the Graduate Student Success webpage to find the new student guide, university support resources, GRAD courses, professional development funds and more to help you during your graduate career.

Financial opportunities

More resources

Explore other funding and research opportunities (Duo login will be required).

Bias reporting

The College has implemented a process to better address incidences of bias and experienced discrimination, recently launching a report form and process. The goal of the feedback form is to provide all students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests with a mechanism to provide both positive and negative feedback to the College of Science related their experiences in the College. It also provides the College information to create meaningful change.

Our goal is to provide an environment that is equitable and supportive for all students, free of conscious and unconscious bias, with access to facilities, learning and opportunity. We are deeply committed to motivating and inspiring women, first-generation college students, underrepresented minority students and other diverse populations to pursue careers in science.

We believe that making a stronger College of Science for everyone in our community is a prerequisite for making a better world.