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Transforming college algebra

Through a modernized pedagogy, mathematics instructors are pioneering ways to transform college algebra at Oregon State.

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Alumni and Friends

On the shoulders of giants

For OSU's 150th anniversary, we shine a light on the “giants” who once walked our halls and made science what it is today

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150 years of science for sea and space

Science at Oregon State University has been a trailblazer since OSU's designation as a land-grant college in 1868.

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Oregon State Science: The many “firsts” in 150 years

The College of Science is proud to have pioneered many “firsts” in its 150-year history.

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Alumni and Friends

Physics alumnus involved in historic astrophysics discoveries

Physics alumnus Shane Larson is part of the LIGO team behind the revolutionary astronomy discovery of the merger of two neutron stars.

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The significance of OSU's sea-, space-, sun- and land-grant designations

Oregon State University is one of only two universities in the country with Land-, Sea-, Space- and Sun-Grant designations.

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An amazing moment in time: A year of planning for the solar eclipse pays off

Solar Eclipse 2017 was a stellar moment for the validity of astronomy, for science itself and for OSU astronomer Randall Milstein.

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Alumni and Friends

Recognizing outstanding achievements: 2017 Alumni Awards

The College of Science is proud to announce its 2017 Alumni Award recipients.

Chuck and Kay Merrill with Ed Ray taking group photo at University Day
Alumni and Friends

Paying it forward: Investing in students who embody service and leadership

The Merrill Family Foundation, the single most impactful scholarship source in the College of Science, receives its 2017 Distinguished Service Award.

Drs. Luisa and Nathan Snyder with their children in garden
Alumni and Friends

Winning with love and determination

Dentists Luisa and Nathan Snyder, who graduated with degrees in biology in 2009, have received the College of Science 2017 Young Alumni Award.

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Alumni and Friends

Breaking the stereotype of science graduates

Math alumna Suzanne McGrath will receive the College of Science's 2017 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award for her achievements and leadership.

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Faculty and Staff

The whole package: A lifetime of science

Christopher Mathews, researcher, teacher, mentor, department chair, Distinguished Emeritus Professor and lifelong scientist, will receive the College's 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award in Science.