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scan of blue and green human brain patterns above black backdrop

New major focuses on the science of human health

The BioHealth Sciences major replaces the General Science program and offers a more focused course of study on human health.

microscopic organism swimming through dark water

The birth of the School of Life Sciences

Last year the College established the School of Life Sciences (SLS) to encompass a broad range of interdisciplinary sciences.

Vintage black and white picture of Warren Washington holding film in office
Alumni and Friends

2014 Alumni Awards

We look to our alumni, the ambassadors of the College of Science, to help build a strong reputation of excellence.

students working at desks in Austin Hall
Student Success

Changing the way learning happens

Creating a transformative student experience in and out of the classroom.

Jackson Dougan talking from podium
Alumni and Friends

A leader for the next generation

Biology alumnus to amplify the voices of young scientists.

Coral in the ocean floor


Microbiologist Rebecca Vega-Thurber and her team research advanced genomic approaches for identifying infections of corals.

zoology department group photo outside of Gleason Hall
Integrative Biology

Zoology Department gets a new name

The new Integrative Biology Department welcomes its inaugural class on Charles Darwin’s birthday.

Maduka Ogba standing in front of black backdrop

Student research

Our students are engaged in authentic inquiry, a hallmark of science education.

David Koslicki in front of brick wall
Faculty and Staff

Best and brightest

Welcome new College of Science faculty

white lab rat sitting in front of white backdrop


The College of Science has an extensive and deep research portfolio that is globally recognized.

Painted lady butterfly in front of white backdrop
Integrative Biology


Two integrative biology researchers have conducted pioneering research on the colorful patterns found on butterfly wings.

white coral at bottom floor of shallow ocean

Fundamental science

Basic and applied scientific research are needed to solve the world’s problems.