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Stephen Giovannoni sitting in lobby
Marine Science

Rethinking the marine carbon cycle

Professor Stephen Giovannoni was recently published in Science Magazine

manta ray swimming though krill
Data Science


In the last two years, the College of Science has focused on augmenting its expertise in data and life sciences with strategic hires

cliffside along ocean shore

Math professor takes interdisciplinary approach to climate and energy

Professor Malgorzata Peszynska's current NSF-funded research takes an interdisciplinary approach to models important for global climate and energy studies.

Suzanne McGrath standing in front of cityscape
Alumni and Friends

Alumna spotlight: Suzanne McGrath

More than 40 years later, Suzanne McGrath still uses her math degree.

Melissa M. Schultz standing in front of park
Alumni and Friends

In memoriam

Melissa M. Schultz: Gone too soon

Chris Marshall and student analyzing insect collection
Integrative Biology

Discover: Our collection of 3 million specimens of insects

Shining the light on arthropods

Rotunda inside Valley River Library
Student Success

Moving the dial ahead on student success

Oregon State University has the potential to change the face of higher education

school of fish and coral
Integrative Biology

Powerhouse PISCO

Marine ecologist Bruce Menge and PISCO researchers have attracted international attention.

blue numbers and code loading on translucent screen with black backdrop

Data Science cuts across all science

The College of Science has developed a new statistics option for mathematics students, the only program of its kind among public universities in Oregon.

Group photo of representatives in front of Washington DC viewpoint

Diversity: On the road

Generous donor and alumni support enabled our faculty and students to interact and connect with a diverse, vibrant science community.

Milling machine
Materials Science

Materials revolution

What keeps our materials scientists up at night is how to expand the “chemistry toolbox” and make materials more sustainable, efficient and functional.

Claire Ostertag Hill sitting in grass

Student spotlight

Claire Ostertag-Hill is using DNA sequencing and genetic screening tools to analyze virus genes