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Nancy Scherich mid performance flipping with other dancers

Communicating math through aerial acrobatics

Mathematics alumna Nancy Scherich (M.S., ’13) has bridged the worlds of art and math to great acclaim.

Spiral icon above lit-up cityscape
Biomedical Science

Synergies unleashed to tackle human health and disease

OSU scientists take an interdisciplinary approach to human health, working across the life, physical and mathematical sciences to spur fresh thinking and innovations.

star icon above image of the Memorial Union at night
Alumni and Friends

Recognizing outstanding achievement: 2018 Alumni Awards

Three outstanding scientists received the 2018 College of Science Alumni Awards.

Marian Waterman in front of brick building
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Scientist who discovered protein involved in cancer metastasis named Alumni Fellow

Alumna Marian Waterman, professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at the University of California, Irvine, is honored as 2018 Alumni Fellow.

Row of students working on laptops in study room

Meet our class of 2022

The College of Science welcomes 744 new first-year students and 180 transfer students in fall 2018.

University day table centerpiece

Science faculty recognized for excellence at 2018 University Day

Eight science received some of OSU’s most prestigious awards for scholarship, teamwork, and mentoring at 2018 University Day.

Justin Conner grabbing petri dishes in lab
Faculty and Staff

College of Science research funding from FY18

The College of Science received $11.3 million in research grants and awards in FY18.

Different shades of blue pigments laid out on white table
Materials Science

Japanese musician recreates YInMn blue to help the children of Fukushima

YInMn blue - aka Soma Blue - spreads a message of hope and transformation in the city of Soma affected by the devastating Fukushima nuclear meltdown after Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Walter Loveland with colleague receiving award

Famed nuclear chemist elected Fellow of American Chemical Society

Chemistry professor Walter Loveland named a 2018 Fellow by the American Chemical Society.

Grace D'Angelo in front of Grand Canyon

Two science graduates win 2018 Fulbright awards

Microbiology alumni Dang Duong ('18) and Grace D'Angelo ('17) are selected for the 2018-19 Fulbright Awards.

Lori Kayes talking with a student
Student Success

Science faculty receive $1 million to increase inclusivity and success of diverse students

Science faculty awarded prestigious HHMI grant to develop culturally inclusive pedagogies in STEM programs.

blue fungi sitting on log in forest

Fungi-produced pigment shows promise as semiconductor material

Physicist Oksana Ostroverkhova discovers a semi-conducting material in organic pigment secreted by wood-eating fungi.