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Science clubs and organizations

Lemons wired up in science experiment at science club booth table.

We're excited to have you for our College of Science Remote Welcome Social!

Here's what you should know

Start in the College of Science Student Advisory Board & Science Success Center Room. At 1 p.m. on Tuesday, our College leaders will give a welcome message and let you know about resources and services through the Science Success Center. If you arrive after our official welcome, no worries. You can still come here to say hi, ask questions and play games!

1:15–3 p.m: Meet your major club! Whatever your major is in the College of Science, we have a club for you. Connect with folks pursuing your degree and learn about their plans for this term. Click on the club with the label for your major.

2–3 p.m: Explore other science clubs! We have many clubs and organizations that will interest you -- in and outside your major. Hop into other Zoom rooms and see what that group is all about. Explore the clubs below labeled "all majors."

Start here

College of Science Student Advisory Board & the Science Success Center

The board is made up of student leaders committed to building community within the College, involving and engaging students. clubs, organizations, for the better wellbeing of STEM students. We help support events and initiatives to make the College of Science a welcoming place.

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Wait. There's more!

If the above science clubs aren’t enough, check out the more than 300 OSU student clubs and organizations! Participating in a student organization can fuel your inspiration, foster your sense of self and increase your ability to make a difference in your community and in the world. You can also acquire valuable skills such as teamwork and collaboration while inspiring and respecting others. You can expand your social circle and you might even make some new friends. What have you got to lose?