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Lisa J. Madsen

Associate Professor
Department of Statistics

Lisa J. Madsen

Associate Professor
Department of Statistics



Ph.D. Statistics, Cornell University, 2004

M.S. Statistics, Cornell University, 2000

M.S. Mathematics, University of Oregon, 1990

B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Oregon, 1986


Research Interests

  • Dependent Discrete Data
  • Abundance and Occupancy Models
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Statistical Computing and Simulation
  • Ecological and Environmental Statistics

Research Area

Data Science


  • Brintz, B., Fuentes, C., and Madsen, L. (2018). An Asymptotic Approximation to the N-mixture Model for the Estimation of Disease Prevalence, Biometrics
  • Ossiander, M., Peszynska, M., Madsen, L. et al. (2017), “Estimation and simulation for geospatial porosity and permeability data,” Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 24(1), 109-130.
  • Fang, Y., Madsen, L., and Liu, L. (2014), “Comparison of Two Methods to Check Copula Fitting,” International Journal of Applied Mathematics, 44(1), 53-61.
  • Dail, D., and Madsen, L. (2013), “Estimating open population site occupancy from presence-absence data lacking the robust design,” Biometrics, 69(1), 146–156.
  • Madsen, L., and Birkes, D. (2013), “Simulating dependent discrete data,” Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 83(4), 677-691.