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black and white photo of Judith C. Giordan in front of white backdrop

Judith C. Giordan

Professor (Practice)
Department of Chemistry

Judith C. Giordan

Professor (Practice)
Department of Chemistry



A physical organic chemist by training, Judy spent the majority of her career leading research and development organizations and developing products in the chemical and consumer products industries. Currently, work focuses on research and training programs in innovator and commercial development. She also develops and leads initiatives to foster and build skills for women STEM innovators. As part of her work, she is building out the global organization What Women Can Do.


Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Frankfurt (1980-81)

PhD, University of Maryland (1980)

BS, Rutgers University College of Agriculture and Environmental Science (1975)


Research Interests

  • STEM Innovation processes and women's in careers in STEM


  • Lens of the Market innovator training workshops ( at major universities across the country.
  • J.C.Giordan, J.Steig, A.Shartrand, P. Weilerstein, “Transforming the Practices and Rationale for Educational Programs to Aid Academic Researchers in Translating Research into Innovations a
  • Joseph Priestley Society Lecture in conjunction with AWIS 40th Anniversary, October 2011
  • J.C. Giordan, “Innovation as King is Dead; The Day of the Innovator Has Arrived”, X-conomy Magazine, (May 2011)
  • J.C. Giordan, C. Van Hartesveldt, “Impact of Transformative Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education on Academic Institutions”, NSF publications;
  • J. C. Giordan, Ruth Fassinger, “It’s Elemental”'s%20Elemental.pdf (2006).


  • Alexander von Humboldt Alumni Networking Award (2015)
  • Henry Whalen Award of the American Chemical Society (2014)
  • Fellow of the American Chemical Society (2013)
  • Garvan-Olin Medal of the American Chemical Society (2010)
  • Who's Who in Research and American Women (1990, 1994)
  • Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow (1980)