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Career Development Resources for Transfer Students

Career Development Resources for Transfer Students

You have access to the same career resources as all of our students and alumni

Once you become an OSU science student, you can contact our Science Career Advisor Claire Wu. She sends out regular emails to connect you with opportunities for hands-on experiences like internships or job shadowing. She can also can help you with the career exploration processes via one-on-one appointments.

The most effective way to enhance your career development is through exposure to working professionals in an array of career fields. To that end, the College of Science offers a range of career development services, programs and tools to help you learn about the professional development process, including:

  • Exploring your interests and strengths
  • Developing a professional resume and cover letter
  • Connecting you to experiential education opportunities (job shadowing, undergraduate research, internships, leadership opportunities, etc)
  • Information on hundreds of internship and full-time job opportunities
  • Networking activities, such as alumni networking dinners where you will meet with science alumni to gain helpful advice, guidance and insight into making the most out of your time at OSU
  • Making professional connections through Science Pro, a career program to help build and enhance your connections with alumni, employers, industry, community partners and others in the science community

Our Career Development Team is ready to help prepare you in your areas of professional interest.

Science Pro

Science Pro is a good first step in your career exploration. Whether your path is clear, or you’re wondering what’s OUT THERE, This program is designed to help you make connections by meeting science professionals, exploring careers and growing your professional community.

Integrated Professional Development

Our unique Integrated Professional Development (IPD) features a suite of innovative career preparation programs based on a one-of-a-kind platform that can help you develop professional development skills. The training takes place right in your First-Year Experience science courses and prepares you for experiential learning to stand out in the job or graduate school market.

Our IPD program is paramount to our students’ success beyond the classroom. With a guided-pathway curriculum combined with co-curricular experiences, the IPD program helps you develop and connect knowledge and skills throughout your undergraduate education at Oregon State over time, both in and out of the classroom.