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Pursue a Post-bacc for a competitive advantage

Pursue a Post-bacc for a competitive advantage

Is a Post-bacc right for you?

Doing a Post-baccalaureate, or Post-bacc program, can help address situations where students need additional academic preparation after graduation. For many students, Post-baccalaureate programs and courses have emerged as an effective way to enhance their qualifications and academic record in the health professions, for example.

Post-Bac programs are helpful for career changers who need to take all or most of their pre-requisite courses to pursue a new career or for students who want to enhance their academic records to demonstrate their readiness for graduate, medical or other health professions schools.

Brush up on science to enhance your resume

Post-baccalaureate programs can help you prepare for another bachelor's degree or a graduate degree, all while expanding your professional knowledge. You can also use the time during your Post-bacc studies to explore new areas of science that interest you since the program allows you to go deeper or broader in your studies.

A Post-bacc degree can be a good option for anyone who completed their science courses more than a few years. Taking Post-bacc science courses can also help you review science concepts to be better positioned for a career change, for graduate or medical school or just to enhance your resume with more science credentials.


As you plan for your Post-bacc, note that the College of Science deadlines for Post-bacc students are earlier than the Registrar Office's deadlines.

Thinking about Medical School?

If you are thinking about medical school, read more guidelines from the American Association of Medical Colleges or search their database of Post-bacc programs.