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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Orientation starts here.

You will receive a steady flow of information during the months leading up to START, the orientation program at Oregon State. You will learn more about the university, the College of Science, our majors and degree requirements.

During orientation, we will help you think more about your education at OSU and your path in science as well as the best courses to keep you on track to complete your degree and reach your career goals. You will meet with your science advisor who will help prepare you to plan your fall schedule and enroll in courses.

Register for START

START Registration opens at 2 p.m. PST on May 4, 2020. You need to pay your Advance Tuition Deposit (ATD) to be able to register for orientation.

Below are some tips for a smooth orientation experience.

  • Wait until AFTER you reserve your spot and paid you deposit before making any travel plans.
  • You must register for START in order to receive academic advising assistance and to register for your courses.

What to expect at orientation

START is a busy couple of days! Plan on attending the entire two-day orientation program in order to be able to register for classes. Avoid making any other plans or appointments during START and be sure you make travel arrangements early to be present and on-time for all of the events. START runs through 4 p.m. on day 2 so plan to be there for the duration.